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Ocean Lab Brewery is a family-owned craft brewery located in Isla Verde, Puerto Rico, which was founded in 2017 by a group of beer enthusiasts. The brewery produces a variety of craft beers, including IPAs, stouts, and seasonal offerings.

The founders of Ocean Lab Brewery had a passion for craft beer and were inspired by the burgeoning craft beer scene in the United States. They wanted to bring that same level of quality and creativity to Puerto Rico and create a destination for beer lovers on the island.

Since its founding, Ocean Lab Brewery has gained a reputation for producing high-quality, innovative craft beers, and has won several awards at beer competitions in Puerto Rico and beyond.

Our beers

Here at Ocean Lab we love experimenting with different flavors. Throughout our lifetime we’ve crafted over 40 beers. We have incorporated a range of tropical fruits, including grapefruit and blood orange, to infuse many of our beers with a distinct Caribbean character. Each beer has been meticulously crafted with a particular island in focus. For instance, Sunset Amber pays homage to the stunning coastal scenery of Isla Verde by using roasted and caramel malts. Learn more here.


We have retailers throughout the island. You can find us in different supermarkets, gas stations, bars & restaurants. Find your ocean.

our shop

Our shop offers all the manufactured beers, including experimental flavors that are not available at distribution points. We are located at Vivo Beach Club and have all of our merch if you want to try anything on including; rash guards, swimsuits, sunglasses, accessories, bottle openers, carry-on luggage, beer pong tables, tumblers, coolers, pet accessories, stickers, backpacks, and other products. You can even shop online and select pick-up when checking out!

Our brewery

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