Vaca Negra Collab


We are excited to announce a match made in heaven. Beer and cheese! We proudly present La Mancha and Jacinto, a collaboration between Vaca Negra in Hatillo and Ocean Lab in Isla Verde. La Mancha is a manchego cheese coated with Ocean Lab IPA ingredients to form an IPA crust while Jacinto is an Manchego cheese that took a dive in Ocean IPA.

For La Mancha, our friends at Vaca Negra took the leftover hops and yeast from the fermentation process from our outstanding OCEAN IPA and coated their MONTEBELLO manchego cheese. The cheese was then left to age for several months so that the flavors have a chance to get to know each other. The final result is a creamy and delicious manchego cheese with the bite and aroma of an IPA.

For Jacinto, Vaca Negra submerged their MONTEBELLO in our OCEAN IPA beer and later aged it for several months. This cheese has a beautiful balance between the taste of manchego with subtle hints of IPA aromas and flavors throughout.

This will be the first of many collaborations that we are thinking of doing so stay tuned for other interesting combinations of flavors. Cheers!

To place your order tap here, call (787)705-1421 or visit us at our local store in Isla Verde, PR.



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